Monday, March 12, 2012

Irish Splendor

Hi Everyone,

"Irish Splendor" 3" x 8.5" $75 unframed  BUY NOW

Good ole St. Patty's day inspired me to pull out my Ireland photos and paint a pastoral scene.  I remember the first time I ever went overseas, I was 17 and just graduated, they gave us a big lecture on Hoof and Mouth disease.  At the time I thought when in the world would I be walking around in animal poo.  Well I quickly learned you do that quite often while visiting these pastoral landscapes.  Visiting Ireland was no exception.  In fact when I visited Ireland I was newly married, living in Germany and having fabulous adventures with my husband.  We went off the beaten track and walked in all kinds of animal poo.  This was the closest I had ever been to a sheep and during that same trip we had to get out and help move along some cows so we could get across the road.  I was beside myself I had never been that close to a cow either.

Here it is framed $125.00 Framed BUY NOW

Me with the Irish cows:)
Hope you had a fabulous weekend and I'll leave you with an Irish Blessing

May your feet never sweat,
your neighbor give you ne're a treat.
When flowers bloom, I hope you'll not sneeze,
and may you always have someone to sqeeze!



  1. Carrie... great watercolour piece, as always.
    Your story put a BIG smile on my face :D

  2. Carrie, it's a lovely piece! Love the story of you and the Irish cows - made me smile!!!

  3. Love the picture of you with the cow Carrie!! You look absolutely thrilled to be standing so close to a pooping bovine. :)) heh, heh.

    And I am in LOVE with your painting. The sparkle on the water and the sheep is just fabulous. FABULOUS! Really awesome work my friend. :D

  4. I did chuckle when I read your post. It's similar here in the countryside. Never go anywhere off the beaten track without a pair of wellies! I'll never forget falling flat on my face in to a cow pat! Charlie could hardy stop laughing!
    The painting is gorgeous! And I have always wanted to visit Ireland :0)

  5. I heard Ireland was the "Green" Country!!! and very beautiful!! Your painting is gorgeous the light and reflections hitting the water...absolutely perfect.

  6. Its great Carrie! Thank you for your support and spreading the word about my giveaway! I so appreciate it! ;-))

  7. Great scene Carrie! I lived in Ireland for a few years and remember well having to wait for sheep and cows to cross the road. There was never any point in being in a hurry!

  8. Un bel hommage pour la Sainte Patrick...
    gros bisous

  9. Love the greens of Erin ...
    A smile raising post, worthy of a Scottish reply...

    "Lang mae yer loom reek!"
    (Long may your chimney smoke!)

  10. I love the tranquil colors of this piece -- i can almost reach out and feel the moisture in the air.