Monday, January 23, 2012

San Pellegrino or Tall Drink of Water

Hi Everyone,
original watercolor on paper copyrighted Carrie Waller 2012 32.5" x 20"--There is a little white showing top right, I have to take a better pic tomorrow, my camera battery died.
I'm 98% of the way finished with this piece.  I have a little tweaking left to do.  I'm trying to decide if I should stick with the title "San Pellegrino"--straight forward or go with "Tall Drink of Water"?  What do you think?  Kathy Cousart left that phrase in a comment last week and I thought it was fitting and clever:)
"The Night Before Christmas" original watercolor on paper 9.75" x 9.75 copyrighted Carrie Waller 2012
My painting "The Night Before Christmas" was awarded Outstanding Watercolor for the FASO Bold Brush Competition month of December.  I'm thrilled and super excited about this:)

And on the home-front we're 2.5 months into Brian's 6 month deployment, almost half way over:))  And the big news is Sam, my 2 year old, peed in the potty for the first time last night.  If you're not a parent you may not be as excited about this, I understand, but for all of those that have been there or are yet to be there, that is a major accomplishment.  I for see a diaper free future, woooo hooooo:)))

Have a great Monday:)  See you Wednesday!



  1. Toutes mes félicitations ma chère Carrie. Ce prix décerné est bien mérité.
    Je suis éblouis par le travail minutieux que vous avez fait avec les eaux S. Pelligrino... Vous devez vous dîtes peaufiner, je suis en attente de voir l'évolution.
    Je félicite votre bambin pour l'abandon des couches !! Maman va s'offrir davantage de fournitures de peinture!!! sourire...
    Gros bisous

  2. WOW.. This piece is stunning.. Even after seeing all the WIPS this looks better than what I could have imagined. I am sure it will be so much more majestic in real life. Wish I could see it.
    And then the bold brush award news is also so cool. Congratulations..

  3. Congratulations on a job well done....magnificent one Carrie. Bravo! You have good news all around. Blessings,

  4. Congratulations on the award for the Night Before Christmas. It really is worthy of receiving the award and this new painting is fantastic. Have a wonderful week.

  5. This is a stunning piece and a full-sheet is a great accomplishment. I like "Tall Drink of Water" myself. Thank you for sharing the process, so inspiring to see. Cheers on your award.

  6. Your watercolors are always stunning and my jaw just dropped with the Christmas one. It should be no surprise that you won the award! I would go with the "tall drink of water" on that beautiful Pellegrino piece.

    A special congrats on the milestone with your two-year old. That IS a big deal in life when you are the parent. Yay!


  7. Carrie, your Pellegrino looks fabulous! And congrats on your reward! You are doing so well; maybe I should hire you as my long-distance business manager???

  8. Amazing! Congratulations on all your good news! And I'm partial to "Tall Drink of Water." This must really be stunning in person . . . I'm sure this one's a future winner as well. :)

  9. I like "Tall Drink of Water" too. They're both fabulous. And congrats on the potty training! I seriously count potty training my first two kids as about as big of an accomplishment as graduating from college. It's just that important to a mom! And difficult. Great work!

  10. Oh Carrie!! This is sooo beautiful! Congratulations! I think I'm going with "San Pellegrino"! Probably the only one! As far as Sam..What an accomplishment..he's only 2!! Excellent news!

  11. These paintings are unbelievable Carrie! Congrats on the award and for your son peeing in the potty! We are doing a bit of potty training at our house too:)

  12. I am SO thrilled for you Carrie, that is great news about the painting! And WAY TO GO SAM!!!! I remember that feeling so well! :0D
    And the WIP looks complete to me - I can't imagine how you could possible improve on perfection! It is absolutely incredible!

  13. Incredible ! Great Carrie !!! Bises.

  14. Congrats all the way around!! I vote for "tall drink of water"!

  15. Carrie:
    a) It's GREAT - just sparkles. I vote for Tall Drink of Water ; )
    b) Congrats on The NIght Before Christmas. Well-deserved.
    c) and yay for the news on the homefront. Both are something to be pretty jazzed about : )

  16. I love the painting!!! You really captured the translucency of the bottle and all the subtle shades of greens...

    Congratulations on the FASO award too (this is your second time winning, isn't it? That says something ;-) -- I think your paintings are beautiful and very deliberate -- well planned, well executed. There is a care for detail and quality that's reflected from every section of it, which attracts collectors and jurors alike. Way to go, Carrie!

  17. carrie, this is sooooo amazingly beautiful!!!! congratulations on this masterpiece and your FASO award!!! you are an incredibly gifted artist! and congrats on the diaper free future and being half way there to homecoming! a wonderful monday my friend!

  18. Superb!!..This is called the hight of realism..
    If i havent seen the WIP i would think this was a photo!!!

  19. Carrie,
    I LOVE you painting!!!! I’m so glad you continued to do the painting. Some of your posts suggested you might talk yourself out of doing so. It is marvelous!!!
    BIG WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! For your Outstanding Watercolor award.
    And a BIGGER WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! For you and Sam. Been there – done that! LOLOL
    Diaper money may become watercolor money
    p.s. 6 months will fly away before you know it!

    Dianne Hart – Artist
    Art By Hart Studio – Owner

  20. Amazing, Carrie! All the reflections in those bottles are simply amazing. And I really like the touches of red...the stars, the window, even a few bits in the lids and reflections. Again, amazing!

    And I think "Tall Drink of Water" is a great title. San Pellegrino is too ordinary. It makes me think of a landscape painting. This painting deserves an out of the ordinary title!

  21. Love, love this one! How about gorgeous tall drink of water!? The light coming through the bottles is stunning. Just beautiful!!! You did an amazing job and I could just look at this one forever!! Biased but vote for Tall Drink of Water!

  22. By the way San Pellegrino is what I like.. :)

  23. Carrie this is just STUNNING!!!! It is truly masterful. WOW. It may be my favorite one yet. :)))) You used some lovely greens in there. It really sparkles.
    And congrats on the award! SO well deserved.

    And I concur about tall drink of water. That is one heckuva title. :)))

  24. super ..i like just "san pellegrino".. interesting to see how you build the painting up in sections carrie that something you've developed to fit in with your young family or have you always painted with this approach?
    congratulations on the award must be really chuffed with your son !