Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Monday:) Jars work in progress

Hi Everyone,
Work in Progress, watercolor on paper 14 x 20
Today I'm sharing with you another work in progress.  And yes it is another ball jar painting:)  I'm just not done with them yet!  This one has a lot of drama and great colors filtering through these jars.  I love the amount of color that is captured in these empty jars.  It's almost like I captured some rainbows!  Truly a kaleidoscope!

I also framed "Can It" and "Can It Too".  I wanted a contemporary look.  And I love leaving that crisp white border around my paintings, it allows me to get the look of double mat without the cost.

I had a meeting at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art this week and I am happy to announce that my original paintings will be for sale in their store.  I'm also excited to be part of their Holiday Market in November.
"Anticipation"  framed very simply with white mat and a contemporary black frame
I also had an art critique this week for the show that "Anticipation" won a ribbon in and the juror spent a lot of time discussing the importance of framing.  So with that in mind I will be doing a post of framing on Wednesday!  I'll share her thoughts and mine:)  It really can add or detract from a painting.  So stay tuned:)
"Hand Shapes"
 Steven's really into his hand prints right now.  I probably have 10 - 15 pages filled with them, he calls them his "hand shapes".   I really love the colors he puts together.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!



  1. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your work as it progresses. Your jar paintings are wonderful in their simplicity and design. Good luck with the Art Market.

  2. Honestly, Carrie, I never get tired of your ball jar paintings!! I love the simple black frames with these paintings as far as Steven..too cute!!

  3. Carrie I just LOVE this series! Do you arrange the jars against a black background? Or do you make it up? I would love to see a photo of your arrangement. Do you paint them from a photograph?
    Steven - I love your handy prints! How about som foot prints next :0)

  4. Carrie, I can hardly wait to see hose bright colors blazing through the Bell jars. Steven's colors are very good!!

  5. Congratulations Carrie, such wonderful news. I do love these jar paintings of yours. And, Steven's handprints looks like a field of rainbow-colored turkeys just in time for Thanksgiving.

  6. Carrie, your jar paintings are super! I also really like the contemporary simplicity of your framing.
    Steven, you are talented just like your mother!

  7. Un travail absolument fantastique, un travail d'une grande qualité... J'aime la rigueur de celui-ci.
    J'aime aussi votre anticipation à vouloir nous montrer l'encadrement.
    Mes félicitations à Steven pour sa persévérance dans sa création "des mains"... Je pense que les chats ne font pas des chiens!
    Gros bisous à mes deux artistes!
    Un grand merci pour votre gentil dernier commentaire.

  8. Beautiful serie and beautiful framed !

    So cute hand shapes of Steven...

    Bises Carrie !

  9. You have a wonderful talent for capturing the light and reflections in glass with your brushes. Your son is following in his mom's steps.


  10. No wonder you're into a series with these ball jars! Absolutely fantastic! The colours and transparency you've captured is amazing. Congratulations on your award! Sorry about the kids being so sick and thanks for visiting.

  11. I love that capturing rainbows...that is perfect and why we love those jars! Yay for you on the Holiday Show.

  12. Just beautiful Carrie! I would love to hear about your inspiration behind these jar paintings. What is it that brings you back to these again and again? :)

  13. This painting series is really amazing! I'm delighted to read about the awards you are winning with your work. So well deserved!

  14. These are gorgeous! Just discovered your blog and really happy I did! xx