Friday, August 19, 2011

More Work In Progress

Hi Everyone,
Work in progress watercolor on paper 23.5 x 32

I'm crawling along with my painting.  Thought I'd share my progress.  The above picture is where I am right now.
Here is my drawing stage 1.  I had a question about my pencil marks.  I do puzzle in the darkest areas with pencil, they will be covered in my darkest shades so I'm not worried about the pencil showing through.
Layering in my first colors.  For this painting I'm using a mixture of Daniel Smith and Schmincke watercolor paints.  DS colors are lamp black, Payne's gray, Quinacridone, gold, deep gold, and burnt sienna, undersea greenSchmincke ultramarine blue and turquoise
layering in my dark values
my first jar completed
starting in on my second mason jar.  The lid palette consists of lamp black, Payne's gray, ultramarine blue, and undersea green and Quinacridone gold
almost finished with the second lid
Finished lid working in my layers on the jar.  Notice the little reflections of window near the bottom of the lid.
Working in some more layers.  It's a lot like putting a puzzle together.  Making all of the abstract shapes make sense and working in all of the brilliant colors.
Where I am now.

I'll post my progress again on Monday.  Have a great weekend:)



  1. It is worth seeing this piece progress even if it is inch by inch. It will be magnificent, Carrie.

  2. Love seeing all the steps, Carrie. The detail is amazing. Have a great weekend! xo

  3. This is wonderful Carrie, I love seeing this wip piece and will return on Monday to see the next bit of this puzzle. Happy weekend.

  4. Carrie, thank you for taking the time to show your your steps; I always find it fascinating to watch a painting evolve.

  5. I am loving your step-by-step guide to how you paint! Thank you so much for sharing and I for one can't wait to see more!

  6. Soooo I thought I had left a comment, then I came back and I don't see it! Blogger comment eating is going on here. . .

    Anyways, this is looking so gorgeous Carrie, each step you post makes me more in a hurry to see it finished! I love the details on the lid especially. And i would really love to see you do some work with colored pencils, which by nature is a medium ideally suited to detail work which you are so great at. I heard that at their national show the CPSA even hands out magnifying glasses so that spectators can see the detail work of all the artist's pieces. Amazing huh? Now I'm going to hopefully post this comment and hope it will STAY here!

  7. This was so informative to see your process in such detail! You're a good teacher! And this is an amazing painting!

  8. Your talent astounds me and the step by step processes makes the finished product even more amazing. I hope that you have delightful weekend, mon amie.


  9. Wow, this is super ambitious, love the progress shot! Can't wait to see more!

  10. Hi Carol!! Hi, my name is Nuria and I'm from Spain, first of all excuse my English, I am contacting you to give you my sincere congratulations for your work in watercolor, it's great!.
    I also paint and I know how hard it is to this technique. I would also like to inform you that I have selected some of your watercolors to post on my blog as an example of good works in watercolor, of course you are invited to visit the blog, to join him and even to make comments,
    I've seen some of your friends on my blog too, thanks for your contribution to art, Regards, Nuria.

  11. Love seeing your process Carrie. Good luck! this is going to be a beauty!

  12. I am following ! Is a great work Carrie. Bises.

  13. très beau travail! et beau sujet!