Monday, July 18, 2011

Shabby Chic

6x6 original watercolor on paper $195.00  BUY NOW
Here is a look at the painting in a home setting.  The painting has a 2 1/2 inch white border around the 6x6 making the overall dimensions 11 x 11.  The great thing about a watercolor is you can mat much larger and make a substantial piece for your home.

Hi Everyone,

This week I'm taking another trip down memory lane.  I spent most Summer's as a kid in Southern Illinois at my Grandma Smith's house.  Next door to her house was my Great Grandma's house.  My Great Grandmother passed away when I was a baby and her house was in disrepair my entire life until it eventually had to be torn down.  Growing up this house was strictly off limits for safety reasons but my cousin and I had vivid imaginations and dreamed up many haunted house tales.  We dared each other often to break the rules and go into the "haunted house".  Through my adrenaline filled visits into this house I have remember snippets of the house.  One thing I remember were the crystal door knobs on each door.  Unfortunately the door knobs were not saved but I did find some at an auction and purchased them.  When I visited my Grandma last month I brought along my door knobs and photographed them on my favorite old chair.  There is a lot of beauty in those door knobs and in the wear of that chair and they really compliment each other.  I hope you enjoy my newest creation "Shabby Chic"

I'm also participating in the 3rd Annual Where Bloggers Create Party.  I posted about my studio space last week.  But please click here if you would like to read about my creative space.

"Hydrangeas in Soup Tureen" original 6x6 watercolor up for auction at Daily Paintworks opening bid $100.00  BID HERE
Here is a glimpse at the painting in a home setting.  This painting has a 1" white border all the way around making the 6x6 painting have an 8x8 overall dimension.
I have recently joined Daily Paintworks.  I have the above 6x6 available for auction on their site.

marker, pencil and colored pencil 5 x 10
Steven has been back in the studio this week.  Here is another of his fabulous, colorful, creations.



  1. It's lovely to imortalize your memories like this, as I have also done in the past. It makes the whole painting experience so lovely too!
    This is a wonderful painting and of such interesting things :0)

  2. Gorgeous paintings Carrie - love the Shabby Chic aesthetic, it will never go out of style...have a great week!

  3. Carrie...what a delightful memory that you have shared with us...and a treat that you were able to recreate those moments for yourself. This painting exudes well done!

  4. I love "Shabby Chic", and your haunted house story is wonderful. Thank you, Carrie.

  5. Fabulous one, those doorknobs. I'm still looking for some at flea markets and yard sales. Shall we say your painting is "hauntingly beautiful."

  6. Such a gorgeous piece Carrie. :) I love the shabby chic look, that is a perfect name for this piece! :D And I'm glad to see Steven back in action! Nice work!

  7. Love your painting of the glass doorknobs...fantastic

  8. Carrie, what a wonderful memory you have and how perfect to capture it in these glass doorknobs. I can remember these a my grandmother's house, too. Beautiful watercolor.


  9. Wonderful composition, Carrie. I love the glass doorknobs against the chipped and peeling paint! Beautiful job! I also enjoyed your memories of your childhood and visiting your grandmother. I was smiling as I was reading.

    Tell Steven I think his painting is fabulous! His color choices are beautiful!

  10. J'adore vos poignées de porte... Lorsque je vais chiner, je n'hésite pas à acheter des poignées de porte anciennes. Celles qui sont petites et parfois émaillées de magnifiques couleurs...
    J'aime le récit qui accompagne tes jolies photos.
    Gros bisous.

  11. Carrie, you always choose very original subjects . I love when you treat the glassware. It is very beautiful and very personnel.Bises.Olivia.

  12. Yes, they don't make your every day doorknobs like that anymore!! I used to sell antique door hardware on Ebay, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw your painting, it's wonderful!! Brings back happy memories of buying and selling treasures.

  13. Absolutely Amazing painting!! I especially like it on the vintage chair. Beautiful memories! Glad to see Steven is "back to work".. great job.

  14. I love that painting of the doorknobs and the story behind them :) My grandparents had doorknobs like those inside their house as well! Funny the objects that bring back memories for us :)


  15. Your glass knobs are beautifully captures.....great composition, original and nostalgic!