Monday, July 5, 2010

Paul Jackson Workshop

watercolor 18 x 24

Last week I didn't post a painting, I was attending a 4 day workshop in Baton Rouge given by Paul Jackson.  This was the first workshop I've taken and I learned a tremendous amount.  This painting of Sam is also my first portrait in color.  I'm not sure I'm totally done.  I may need to add a few more washes.   It was very interesting to see how Paul Jackson paints.  There were also quite a few very talented artists taking the workshop, so I learned from them also.  Everyone was very generous, sharing their techniques and even their supplies.  I think some of the most valuable things I learned were that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, Original are a watercolorists best friend.  You can pull up paint, it doesn't damage the paper and you can paint back on top of that area.  I also realized that I'm not utilizing my masking fluid.  I need to mask in many different levels and during different stages of washes.  Paul Jackson only paints on Arches, 260lb, cold pressed paper.  He stretches his paper.  This is a process that I used to do but got out of the habit of because it's a lot of work.  I will probably go back to this arduous task because it really does make a difference.  The paper is absolutely drum tight and completely flat when you are finished painting.  I did like the 260lb paper, it takes a lot of abuse.  He also uses Daniel Smith and Windsor Newton paints.  I picked up a few tubes of Daniel Smith paint.  I went around and asked everyone their favorite colors of paint to use and I assembled a palette of those.  It was great to devote several days to a workshop.  It reinvigorated my painting passion.  Made me realize I need to find a painting group here and get more involved in the arts scene in Montgomery.  I did join the Louisiana Watercolor Society while I was there.  The President of the LWS was taking the workshop.  My new goals are to paint, paint, and paint some more.  I want to start entering into shows.  I also realize that I may have to re-evaluate my painting a week deadline.  To produce a higher quality painting I may have to take more time.  So I will still post every week, but it may be more works in progress posts.  I'm ready to take it to the next level. 

watercolor markers

Steven tried out his new Crayola watercolor markers that he got for his birthday.  We celebrated a little early this year.  This is his newest creation..

 Hope everyone had a terrific 4th of July.
See You next week!


  1. Beautiful painting Carrie! And it sounds like you had such a great experience, that's just awesome! Can't wait to see what you come up with next :)

  2. This is a very beautiful portrait. Beautiful abstract Steven painted. You are both great :-)

  3. Can't believe that its your first portrait!Its beautiful...and the masterpiece by Steven is so cute:)

  4. Arti, Thank you so much for your comment. I just loved your portrait this week:)

  5. How fun that you are creating and teaching your little one to create too.

  6. Thanks pve design. I'm glad you stopped by. I think your blog is great, your style is so whimsical and fun and your profile pic is amazing:)

  7. What a nice portrait you've done here. Hard to believe it's your first one in color. You did a great job on the skin.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!

  8. Thanks Michelle, I learned a lot in my workshop and am confident that I will produce better paintings because of it. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  9. You are so good, Carrie!

    What an adorable portrait!