Monday, June 7, 2010

Knights and Oceans

This week I finished the first of my 3 paintings.  Hopefully this will make some little boys very happy:)  One more knight painting to go and then an enchanted forest.  The castle in this picture is one that Brian and I have actually been too.  They had a Renaissance festival there when we lived in Germany.  Have I said that I loved living in Europe.  I mean where else do you see sights like that? 

Steven did a wonderful painting this week.  I asked him what it was and he said that is was the saltwater in the ocean.  I truly think my child is an artistic genius.  He has a fascinating way of mixing colors.  I had to add a picture showing the side of the canvas, he wraps his composition around the sides.  I think he is just amazing!

We'll see you next week!  And Robin I hope you are feeling well soon:)


  1. Carrie ~ I LOVE this weeks painting and could totally see this in a boy's room. I feel a sense of strength with the huge castle in the background and the knights on their horses. Very impressive!!!

    And I'd have to agree, Steven IS an artistic genius! He's lucky to have a mommy like you!

  2. Your artwork is very nicely painted Carrie! It would be wonderful as a fairy-tale book illustration.
    Steven is a really great. My daughter loves abstract art and his work very well admired. In the future it will be a great artist indeed.
    Your love for Europe is intriguing. My husband and I love the U.S. again. My husband says he likes everything, from America. Cars, by which we go (and traded with them), CocaCola, group KISS, MacDonald (if it is a long time on the road), even the Marlboro :-))) We love your houses. Even seriously considering to buy a house in your country. Small and cheap. Just for the winter. Somewhere where it's warm. Well let's see what happens ...

  3. Steven really is talented. As well as his color sense, he already has a good eye for composition.

    I do like your knights!

  4. Thanks everyone! Hopefully my client will like the knights as much as you guys!

    Thanks for the comments about Steven also. He's a pretty special kid:)

  5. The knights are great, and Steven's abstracts are wonderful. Tell him to keep painting : )

  6. Thanks Rachel, I appreciate your comments and you stopping by my blog. I enjoy your blog!

  7. I love those knights! They are just so cool, your client will love them :) It makes me feel like I'm right in a fairy tale.

    And Steven's painting is amazing, WOW! What a little genius you have!

  8. Thanks Crystal! Just heard from my clients and they loved it! Yay! Now on to painting #2. I was going for the fairy tale feel, so I'm glad it came off that way. I wanted bright and cheery colors.

    Steven is my "little genius"! I'm so glad we're sharing this experience.

    Can't wait to see your finished painting. It's so beautiful already:)