Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Patrick Project Part deux

oil on canvas 8 x 10

oil on canvas 8 x 10

oil on canvas 8 x 10

Finally, here are my paintings this week. I did do two, so maybe that makes up for my tardiness:) They are still wet so that is the glare you are seeing. I'm still getting used to the oil paint thing. I'm planning on finishing the rest of this series by next Monday.

The reason I'm so late this week is do to our chaotic lives right now. This has been my life for the last 2 weeks in a nutshell. Tag along on Brian's TDY to Charleston, SC, visit with my Mom and Stepfather, frame pictures at Mom's shop, visit Boone Hall Plantation, visit with friends, celebrate Sam's birthday early, drive home, arrive to no kitchen cabinets (kitchen reno almost done), go to an art fair, go to an airshow, clean the house, clean some more, drive Brian to the airport. . . Again!! Celebrate Sam's birthday, have cabinet doors installed, Brian's parents come in town, pick Brian up from airport, celebrate Sam's birthday again, celebrate Easter, Brian's parents go home, drive Brian to the airport again, get a stomach bug, clean, finish my paintings.etcetera, etcetera, etcetera! As you can see it's been busy. Oh and Sam is a full fledged walker and Steven is reciting the alphabet, with only a few mistakes, he's also singing the ABC song. A Mommy's job is never done!!!

acrylic on canvas 4 x 6

Steven's lovely painting. He was mad at me today because he wants to finish painting the edges of his canvas and I wouldn't let him get the mess out today, he told me "Mommy I'm frusterated with you" Boy that kid has a vocabulary and knows how to use it. "Interesting" has also been a favorite word this week. And he can be heard telling Sam "Absolutely not Sir" on occasion, I wonder where he gets this from:)

daffodils framed

Here is the framed daffodil painting, finished just in time to go home with my Mother-In-Law as her birthday present. Isn't it amazing what a frame and matting can do. My Mom and I framed this at her shop. . . Imperial Framing, Summerville, SC, check her out on facebook.

See you in a few days. Aaaaaaaghhhh!!


  1. Those are great. What a fun idea. Little Juan BoBo Patrick will love 'em.

  2. Those are all beautiful! I really love that frog :) And your daffodils are just beautiful all framed up!

    Busy, hectic life. It never quits does it? But I guess that's what we love about it. Really beautiful work Carrie. And so cool about learning his ABC's!

  3. Ryan, I knew that was going to be his name:) I hope they match the bedding! They are fun and he will get all of the stuffed animals that go with them. Steven has put in a request that I paint his favorite stuffed animal, Mike the Tiger. We have most of the stuffed animals also they are great, they're washable and huggable. The frog is named "Frog Waller" per Steven.

    Crystal Thank You! You are exactly right that is what makes life fun and interesting. The ABC's is a hard reality for me, school will be next. They grow too fast.

  4. Your blog is just wonderful. Your pallete and subject matter show your love of your hectic life style. I'd say you would have it no other way.
    God blesd and keep up the great art work

  5. It would not let me leave a comment Friday from my work computer, but I wanted to say "great job!" not only on the paintings but everything! You are awesome! I don't know how you do it all but you do it well! The froggy is my fave of this series!

  6. Thanks Guys!

    Gary, I appreciate your comments! The sermon at church today was about God's will and how to hear and follow it. The preacher was talking about people that complain too much, it made me think maybe I was complaining in my blog ab out my life. I'm so glad to read that you didn't take it that way. I'm so glad that you stopped by:)

    Kristina, Thank you sooo much lady! I think you're pretty awesome yourself:)