Monday, March 24, 2014

Work In Progress. Slow Progress:)

Hi Everyone,

I haven't made much progress since last time I posted about this piece. Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes:).   

The kids and I are currently on Spring break in Charleston, SC. It was a long 2 day drive where We spent a lot of time looking at the back end of trucks. Lots of traffic, uggghhhhh. But we made it and hopefully in between doing stuff and visiting with my Mom, Step Dad and Grandma I will get some painting. I have some deadlines and commissions to finish before our big move to Japan. Speaking of our move we now have our plane tickets. Starting to feel real.  We are scheduling movers this week, agghh!  

Since we are moving and our computer will be caught up in shipping to Japan and I've gone Mac and won't go back we purchased our first Mac lap top. I love it and bought a cute red case to put it in. Have I mentioned red is my favorite color. 



  1. Oh my goodness, this painting is going to be spectacular -- it already is. I love seeing your progress. I'm glad you are liking your Mac -- ever since my husband and I went Mac, we vowed we would never buy a PC again. We've also convinced (grateful) friends to go Mac as well. I think they are an especially great product for people who are not good with computers because they are so logical in the way they are set up. I love that I'm not always getting ridiculous pop-ups from software asking me questions for no reason about things I have no idea about. It seems that with my PC I'd use my email, for example, then the next time I logged in to my email, I'd be locked out with some pop-up asking me to do something that I didn't understand. Lastly -- this is totally bizarre and I hope you don't find me creepy -- I had a dream that you and I were in a painting class together. I don't really remember the details, it was a vivid dream while it was happening (which is common for me) but I don't often remember the specifics when I wake up. I just remember this time, that when I woke up that it was about you, me and I think Carol Carter. I think it was a class with her, which I've never taken, but I know you have. I was looking at Facebook yesterday and I get both your posts -- I know I was thinking about you when I saw her recent ones because they're of the Ball jar --the post and those thoughts must've stuck in my head somewhere. Ha! It was a great dream - I remember feeling very entertained and you were quite lovely in person! Ha! :)

  2. The painting looks wonderful! Wish you the very best :)

  3. The painting is looking amazing, Carrie. You make me long for my military days. I loved getting to see so much of the country and one other country while my girls' dad was in the USAF.

  4. Carrie we need a new PC and are torn between a MAC and Windows. Tell me why a MAC? and is it tricky to get used to?
    Good luck with the move! :0)

  5. Carrie, I had no idea you were moving again ... and to Japan!!! I wish you all the best with the move!
    Kathryn xx