Monday, February 4, 2013

Be My Valentine

Hi Everyone,

Some days it's a struggle just to get a blog post up.  Actually these last couple weeks have been a struggle.  One sick kid after another has led to lack of art productivity.  Throw in the first formal event I've had to attend in 6 years and it complicates things even more.  I haven't painted a painting in over 2 weeks, aaaahhhh!

I did experiment with Daniel Smith Ground.  I got a sample of DS ground with one of my paint orders and you're supposed to be able to paint the stuff on any surface and have a watercolor surface.  It's kind of like gesso.  I decided to apply it to some artists panels to see how it worked.  It was okay, not great!  I would never be able to paint a painting to my satisfaction using it.  But it was fun for crafty type projects, it was a little like painting on aquaboard, which I still don't have a handle on, so maybe with lots of practice/frustration you could get a professional product.
Sam with his heart--And Moose too:)

Sam modeling Steven's heart, since he accidentally deleted the pic of Steven showing his work off.
 So what do you do when a painting is failing?  You let your little boys improve it:)  Steven and Sam created their own Valentine's after I threw in the towel on the last 2 panels.  They created beautiful paintings!



  1. Cute always make ME smile!
    Enjoy them when they are small...They grow up too quick...

  2. I love your Valentine painting! And I can see how you would be frustrated with that surface, since I still find Aquabord incredibly frustrating! I thought that might be what it was like. ;) Tell Sam and Steven that they created beautiful masterpieces!! :)

  3. How sweet to be painting with your boys. I bet you will be having a very Happy Valentine's Day.......:)

  4. Love this painting Carrie and Sam is adorable...I agree with Sue!!! Enjoy every moment with them...they grow up too fast.

  5. I know what you mean about finding time to paint. My kids are both on their own now but work keeps me from finding time myself. Love the candy piece!

  6. Love your sweet Valentine painting! And I always love seeing your boys included in a post. :-)

  7. I know the feeling. One post a week is all I can manage for now! But I decided that quality posts are more important than quantity so I'm sticking to that at the moment. How great that you got a free sample! It sounds like weird stuff to use. Glad the little ones made use of it :0)

  8. Carrie, I love your honesty. I am liking facebook more because it takes only a second to post. However, I am not ready to give up my blog just yet. Love the Valentines your sons made.