Monday, February 27, 2012

The Carol Carter Experience :)

Carol Carter and I
Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping you all had a wonderful weekend.  I'm up late blogging because I just had to watch the Oscar's.  Sadly I have not seen the Best Picture (it was only in our are for 1 week) so I hope to see it soon. 

Today I wanted to share my experience at the Carol Carter workshop.  I've been a long time fan of Carol's.  In fact when I first got back into painting I googled watercolor artists and she was one of the first to pop up.  Her work was so amazing I was immediately hooked and vowed that if she did a workshop in the St. Louis area (where she resides and I have family) that I would go.  So I was thrilled when a workshop came available in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.
Carol in action

Carol and I have been fb friends for a while but I couldn't wait to meet her in person.  I was not disappointed. Carol is genuine, masterful and gracious.  I enjoyed getting to spend time with her and the rest of the artists in the workshop.  It was one of those times when you realize you're where you are supposed to be:) 
group crit
Carol's workshop is also one of the best I have been to.  She has taught college and you can tell.  She is organized her demos are fantastic, she gives ample painting time and instruction and we ended each day with a crit of each others work.  I learned so much about how Carol paints.  She tries to get her paintings done in one wash starting with the background and working her way to the focal point of the painting.  We even got to witness her creating those magnificent blooms.  She paints on towels and tries to paint in wet conditions.  Her favorite time to paint is when it's raining.  Her painting technique is a balancing act where she utilizes very wet washes and monitors her drying time while feeding her washes pigment to get her great saturated colors.  Truly amazing to watch her in action.  I highly recommend a workshop with Carol.  I've taken away a new way of thinking about watercolor.  Aside from that I've gained a friend and mentor.

We were also very lucky because Carol lives so close she brought a lot of her work with her to share with everyone. 

I also met some fabulous people in the workshop.  Long time blogging buddy Rhonda Carpenter was in attendance.  It was great to meet her in person.  Rhonda's going to be guest blogging soon:)  I also made a new friend Amy Woods.  Isn't great when you meet someone and click immediately! 

Rhonda Carpenter and I
Amy and I   

See you on Wednesday,



  1. Wow - her paintings are amazing - and HUGE!! And an entire painting in one day????
    I was only saying recently that I have never actually watched someone paint. I did go to a watercolour workshop once but really we only saw her demonstrating how to let the colours flow together, but I didn't actually get to see her paint anything in particular. It sounds like you had a great time and I really enjoyed looking at your photo's :0)

  2. I was wondering if you knew Rhonda....guess that answers my question. Looks like great fun.

  3. Good for you - a great workshop experience and a new friend. Doesn't get much better than that!

  4. FUN!! So glad you got the chance to do this. :))) And wow are her paintings awesome. Especially when you get to see them to scale, talk about presence.