Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sotterley Gardens

Sotterley Gardens 16" x 20" watercolor Copyrighted Carrie Waller 2010

I have completed my painting! Yay! I'm posting a little early because I will be out of pocket for a few days. This painting is of Sotterley Plantation's Gardens. Sotterley Plantation is in Maryland and has a lot of importance for our good friends the Marce's. I was fortunate enough to visit during the summer of 2005. The Marce's invited me along on their family trip while Brian was in Iraq. It was great to go with them because I had heard so much about Sotterley. Melleive's Grandmother was a caretaker of the plantation. Melleive spent her childhood on the grounds of this beautiful house. It was also the where Dave and Melleive got married. The house was gorgeous but I found the grounds to be just as impressive. I took a photograph of the gardens and from that picture comes this weeks painting.

Here is the link to their site if you would like to read more about the plantation

I also completed our Master bath. I am so happy to be finished. It was difficult all the way through, from the wallpaper that didn't want to leave it walls to the swiss cheese walls that were an end result, to the patching and sanding, leaving a coat of dust everywhere, to the priming, taping of stripes and finally painting the last coat. I love the end result!! I was hoping that the horizontal stripes would help to make the bathroom a little more cohesive. It is a large bathroom but it is chopped up with a lot of walls. I think it looks great and I do not miss the wallpaper at all. I still LOATHE wallpaper!

bathroom before and after

So happy to be finished:)

Steven's painting this week in my opinion is terrific. I think that he is an artistic genius. He painted a fish jumping out of the water, so I'm calling this one "Fish out of Water". I love the colors, I love the fish, I just love it!!! I'm so proud of him! He's the best! I love my boys.

11 x 14 watercolor


  1. Wow, Carrie!!! I love the rich colors and the story behind the garden/plantation. So neat your friends got married there, too!

    Your bathroom looks great and I LOVE the stripes.

    What are you doing with all of Steven's paitings? So neat you invlove him, too.

    Have a great time where ever you're going.

  2. Carrie, first of all thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind comment you left :) I love the whole idea of your blog and how you're including your son in it, great idea! And his painting is so cute, perfect little fish out of water!

    Your bathroom is GORGEOUS! I want you to come fix mine now k? lol!

    You have so much talent! This painting is amazing! It really feels like you're walking through a garden! The colors are beautiful. Great job! I can't wait to see the next one, and I'm glad to see that you're making time for your art, in with everything else you have to do. :)

  3. That much you managed to Carrie. These stripes look very beautiful and modern. Also, the optically enlarged bathroom apparently. This is worth the effort.
    Steve paintings are amazing. It is very handy. How many years is he?