Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's Carnivale Time

watercolor 22" x 30"

This week I painted a scene from our travels to Venice. Brian took the picture that I painted this from and it has always been one of my favorite pictures. This was during Carnivale in February. After we went the first time we were hooked and went every year. It was an amazing time to visit Venice. People are dressed in the most elaborate costumes arriving by Gondola into the floating city. It is all pretty dramatic. These costumed creatures were more than happy to stop and pose for anyone to get their picture. They were very experienced at this and knew exactly where to stop so that each photo was posed perfectly with the best background possible. The costumes were absolutely terrific. From an artists standpoint I just sat there and watched the costumes walk by in amazement. Brian and I chased people down like the paparazzi to get perfect pictures. Besides the beautiful costumes there were also original costumes. One year there was a family completely decked out in bubble pack outfits that looked like french royalty from the 1700's. The female even had a tall Marge Simpson-esque wig made of bubble pack. It was truly amazing. Unfortunately our photo of the bubble pack family didn't come out, it was dark and they weren't lit very well. But we have plenty of other wonderful pictures to remind us of our visits. Every February I get a little antsy to get back to these crazy beautiful celebrations. I miss you Venice, but I will be back before you sink:)

photos Brian took during our Venice visits

This weeks painting was a bit of a challenge for me. I will admit I have a phobia of painting with color. I am very happy staying in my comfortable monochromatic color schemes. I have actually attempted to paint this pic one other time, and I wasn't happy with the outcome. This week I tried to take the same approach that I did with the London sketch. I just relaxed, tried to not be too detailed and just had fun capturing the colors, lights and shadows. I'm fairly happy with my results. I may try this color thing again. I also have another dilemma, I'm running out of paint. I bought my beloved Schmincke watercolor paints in Germany. I like to paint with pans not tubes and I can't find Schmincke for sale in pans anywhere. I may have to bribe my friend Melleive, that is lucky enough to be back in Germany, to visit my favorite art shop and pick some up for me. Until then I may have to break down and buy some tubes on line. Oh, Well!! I'm also thinking about trying my hand at oil painting.

Steven was too busy watching the Superbowl to paint. He was also super excited to have his Daddy home. Brian was gone all week. I'll give him a pass this week:)

See everyone next Monday!

All paintings and photographs are copyrighted by me, Carrie Waller, and must have express written permission to be used.


  1. I love it. Carrie you are amazing talented thank you for sharing

  2. I love your use of color in this one! I love the pictures you posted with this one. How neat to have experience the Carnivale. You make me want to move to Europe! Guess I'll dream for now. I think it's really neat that your trying new techniques! Keep up your hard work!

  3. Carrie this is amazing!!!! Soooooo beautiful!!! xx

  4. I really like this painting. Love the colors and the overall mood.

  5. Carrie, you know I am always willing to run interesting errands. Just send me the address and a list of supplies. HAVE GPS, WILL SHOP!