Monday, January 4, 2010

So I am working on my first painting for 2010. It's a beach scene from Isle of Palms in South Carolina. I did it in black in white, because I'm into that right now and I'm also thinking it will go to my Mom who is doing her Master bedroom in black and white. The artist in me understands that it is not very artsy of me to do a painting in a certain color scheme, but the interior designer side of me knows that I have to keep that in mind. I of course have designed rooms around a piece of artwork and I think that is a terrific way to find a color scheme.

This painting is still a work in progress. I've gone from hating it to kind of liking it. I'm toying with the idea cutting it into strips and doing something more abstract. This is sending me on a whole new train of thought for watercolors. So I'm sure I will be experimenting with these ideas in future weeks.

So I'm posting the entire work in progress and the painting in strips. I'd love any input.


  1. Carrie- I like the direction of this piece. I wonder how it might change if you added in an accent color in addition to your black and white? Might help you control the viewer's eye.

  2. It is beautiful!!!! Carrie, you are SO talented!!!! I really like the original myself. Great job using the computer to test the strips before cutting. I'd be curious to see the painting with 3 sections???? Talented and smart....
    Black and white is very trendy right now and chic. Also the blues and browns.

    I look forward to the final product and seeing the furture ones as well.

  3. Love the painting. One a week and two bustling boys is an admirable undertaking. Hope you read Hayley's poem. From the depths of her soul....